We price our services to improve your bottom line every time you have us pull a permit for you.

We are currently running our 3-2-1 Get Started!!! permit run promotion.

This special introductory promotion offers a:

30% discount off of your first building permit submittal with us

20% discount on the second permit you have us process

10% discount on the third permit we run for you!

Take advantage of this special introductory promotion by calling any time before June 30, 2014 to be eligible for savings on the next construction permit you have us run.

Our standard service rate is based on $50 per hour and includes mileage.  We offer all of our clients the option of pricing based on a per permit estimate or actual time spent, according to your preference.

That’s just $35 per hour on your first permit run and includes travel mileage!

Would you rather spend your time sitting in traffic and waiting in line at the building department, or take advantage of our low cost permit running services while generating more profit for your company?

We offer even deeper discounts to our regular clients who allow us to efficiently schedule the permits we run for them and save extra money.

We always proudly offer our Thank You!!! referral discount program in gratitude to our clients who refer us to other construction professionals who have us expedite their permits for them.